Whole new Trifecta on Lower Saranac Saturday!!

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Well today was definitely a fun charter with new friends from Maryland on Lower Saranac Lake. Started off the morning fishing with a Bald Eagle perched above us in the bay with loons cruising by. The Maryland crew aboard were definitely hard core anglers battling down pours and the chilly mountain winds.

We had a very odd “Trifecta” and a first for this Captain!!! Melanie hooked up with what I thought was going to be a 15 lb + pike.. Well the photos say the rest of the story. Yes that 20 + pound snapper was released without harm or a treble in his snout. But he got a free lunch!! Gotta say it was a tricky hook removal on my part!!!

Fish with the ☘️ !!


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