We love hunting remote Public Land in the Adirondacks!! Hunt On!!

Okay everyone knows that fishermen and hunters like to tell stories. Well I’m going to tell you a story that’s 100% factual!!! “I have video to back that up”!!

I started the season off with the quest to shoot a buck with Bob’s 308 Remington that I inherited after we lost my mentor and the man I considered my second father this spring.

After trying to cash in on that quest in the valley without success, I decided to carry that rifle up a ridge off McKenzie Mountain that I hunted often with Bobby and Ole Charlie Post. In fact I shot a buck there with the same rifle Bob loaned to me in the late 80s.

Once on top of the ridge a mile back in the bush I saw a buck scoot down a ravine a 100 yards from me. I knew he heard or saw my fat camouflage body huffing and puffing up that hill, but the wind was in my favor!!!

So an old trick I learned from the Ole Adirondack guide Bobby Brown was give em a buck grunt call and rub a stick on a tree to make it sound like another buck was the one walking in their woods instead of a fat guy wearing camo. So I gave him a grunt an began to tear apart a sapling with a stick an grunted some more on the call.

To my amazement I heard two bucks grunt below me on the ridge. After another grunt I made, all hell broke loose!!! I heard deer running to me from 3 different directions! Two of which were coming right at me. When they crested the hill an stopped behind some small balsams, I could tell both were bucks with one having bigger horns. They milled around me and started to flank me on the downwind side. It was now or never!!! So I squeezed the trigger on Bobby’s 308 an watch a buck drop in his tracks!! Well needless to say I shot the fricken smaller buck!!! Well I know that sounds like a hunters b.s. story right???? Well watch this video I attached!!

Oh that 3 rd buck showed up while I was prepping the buck I shot for the drag out. He was a huge 10 which I think I have video of also and will post!!

Luck of the ☘️ !!

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