Going to miss you Bobby Brown!!

It's with a heavy heart to inform so many of my friends that we lost Bobby Brown early this morning after a short illness. Pat was with Bob at his bedside when he passed, at UVM in Burlington. The staff at UVM were wonderful and Bob would tell me that everyday when I spoke to him on the telephone!

Bob was my college professor, mentor, best friend and whom I consider my second father. I've had so many great experiences with Bob over the past 35 years and have learned so much from this great man.

Apparently there was a post on some social media earlier today that triggered everyone to send out dozens of messages, etc. As of this moment there's no details on the services or what's going to be acceptable during this pandemic. As soon as the plans are formalized I will be sharing it with everyone.

In my last conversation with Bob his only request was, "Take Care of Pat." That we shall do!!!!!

Going to miss you so much Bobby Brown!!

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